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PINE GROVE, Pa. — They’re not necessarily the three little pigs but this trio has quite the tale.

On Wednesday, an animal shelter in one part of Schuylkill County received a call they say they’ve never gotten before. The unlikeliest of animals were rescued along a highway, prompting the shelter to make room for three potbellied pigs at the Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA in Pine Grove.

State police received a call Wednesday that three pigs were seen roaming around Route 924 near Shenandoah. Around 10 a.m., two of them, both females, were captured and brought in. Then Thursday morning, the male was caught and reunited with his friends.

“I was surprised because it’s not something we typically deal with, so it was kind of a shock. But it’s exciting,” said Taylor Berger, an animal caretaker.

Authorities believe the pigs may have been dropped off on the side of the road, but officials have no leads as to who may have done it or where the pigs came from.

Employees at the SPCA were also greeted with another surprise when examining the females. Soon, this group of three pigs will grow into a much larger group.

“They are much larger than they should be. You can tell in their bellies. the one, her belly is dragging on the ground. She could go into labor at any time.”

Both females are pregnant, and they’re expected to give birth at any moment. There’s no time frame as to how long the pigs will be at the SPCA because of the impending birth, but eventually, the three pigs and all those piglets will be taken to a local pig shelter.

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