What in the World Is ‘Weaponized Defamation’?

While you may be familiar with regular defamation, you may have heard the phrase "weaponized defamation" and wondered just what in the world that means. Simply put, weaponized defamation isn't a real thing under the law, but rather a phrase that people use to describe...

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Top 10 FAQ for Workers’ Comp Claims

On the one hand, workers' compensation insurance seems pretty basic: If you get hurt on the job, you can get money for medical bills and missed income. On the other hand, it's not so easy: What qualifies as "hurt"? What constitutes "on the job" -- what if you're on...

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What Is the ‘Wangiri’ or 1-Ring Phone Scam?

All the best scams have cool names. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes. Email phishing and catfishing. Virtual kidnapping and neighbor spoofing. And then there is the mysterious Wangiri. "Wangiri" is Japanese for "one ring and drop," and describes a specific phone scam...

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Lawsuit: Instant Pot Was a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’

"I thought Instant Pot was the greatest invention," Mary Cooper told Denver's Fox 31. "I thought it was going to help my soup cook faster. I thought that was fantastic. Anything that makes dinner faster and easier is great for a young mom." That was until her Instant...

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No-Fault Auto Insurance Scams Become RICO Lawsuits

For some folks, after a car accident and filing a claim with the other party's insurance carrier, it can sometimes seem suspiciously easy to get paid back for all your medical bills and property damage. When this unusual phenomenon happens, it is usually because...

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FAQs About Medical Records in Injury Cases

In injury cases, the most critical pieces of evidence, after establishing liability, are often the records that show just how bad an injury was, is, or will be. More often than not, this means that the most important evidence in an injury case will likely be the...

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Jury Awards $3.7M in Surgical Malpractice

A recent jury verdict in a surgical malpractice case is making headlines for its size. The $3.7 million award was handed down to a plaintiff who suffered from a surgical complication after a procedure to install an abscess drain. Apparently, during the surgery, a bile...

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