How to Protect Your Kids From Internet Scams

Your children are going to be on the internet. Sadly, so are the scam artists. And non-savvy internet users can be easy marks for online scams. So how do you keep your kids safe on the internet? By teaching them what online behavior to avoid and what to watch out for....

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Exploding E-Cigarette Litigation: A Roundup

E-cigarettes and other vape devices were billed as being more healthy than regular tobacco cigarettes. And while the jury is still out as far as well-functioning devices are concerned, e-cigs have been exploding in our faces pretty much since their inception. In one...

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How NOT to Sue for a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall accidents do occur, and the injuries sustained during and after a legitimate fall can be serious. But not all slip and fall claims are legit. And one example from New Jersey showed just how illegitimate some slip and fall lawsuits are, and absolutely...

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Learn to Avoid Phishing Scams With This Google Quiz

Phishing scams are getting harder and harder to spot. Gone are the days you could merely look for poor grammar or spelling errors. Evidently scammers have found software to correct those! Now, you will have to look even harder. But Google, or rather one of Alphabet's...

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Can I Sue If My Neighbor Has Bees, Livestock?

Urban farming has given way to urban livestock ownership, and now every hippie and hipster in your neighborhood has chickens, bees, and maybe a goat or two. Which is all well and good for the decrease in their food bill every month, but what about the increase in...

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