San Francisco Sues Pharma for Opioid Epidemic

The City and County of San Francisco has joined the host of other cities around the country suing big pharma for the opioid epidemic in federal court. Years ago, opioids would only be prescribed for severe post-surgery or end-of-life pain relief. But a major change in...

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Biggest Injury Lawsuits of 2018

Accidents happen. But some accidents can be avoided, and if someone doesn't take the right steps to avoid an accident, they can be liable for the injuries that occur. Those injuries can be serious or widespread, and if it's a large company or corporation that failed...

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Don’t Fall for the Netflix Email Scam

'Tis the season for phishing scams, and this one involves Netflix. Many consumers report receiving an email that looks like it's from Netflix, but it is in fact a scam trying to get your credit card information. Phishing Email Looks Very Legitimate This particular...

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