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Meet Doctor Digital

With us today is Steve Myers, SEO Director for Results Driven Marketing, LLC, in Wynnewood, PA. Myers, a 10-year veteran of the search industry, has recently launched a column titled "Doctor Digital," a monthly piece that looks to explain the ever-changing and highly...

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Considerations of an Aging Nation: The Census Data

Welcome to part 3 of NewsWorld's first multi-part exclusive series on Aging in America. We will be running this in-depth piece just as America celebrates its own birthday.   Understanding the Numbers and Data from the Census Bureau   PHILADELPHIA – The...

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Will President Trump’s Border Wall Be Built?

Construction has started in San Diego, CA building President Trump’s wall and the legions of Anti-Wall, Anti-Trump, and the Never-Trump groups appear to be missing or just resigned to the fact that the Wall along the Mexico border is being built, as promised during...

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Is a Space Force in Our Future?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - President Donald Trump on Tuesday shot for the stars with a new idea when he said his new national security strategy recognizes that outer space is a theatre of war. He also floated the idea of creating a Space Force, a brand new branch of the...

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